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The Seventy Thousand Dollar Outhouse

More Paddling Adventures from the Author of the Idling Bulldozer

The Seventy Thousand Dollar Outhouse - Contents

Chapter One:  Boats in My Blood - a Personal History

Chapter Two:  Georgian Bay Odyssey (Ontario, Canada)

Chapter Three: Four Days in the Jungle (Costa Rica)

Chapter Four: Lulu Key Lullaby (Florida’s 10,000 Islands)

Chapter Five: The Seventy Thousand Dollar Outhouse (The Thousand Islands)

Chapter Six: Return to the Saguenay Fjord (Quebec, Canada)

Chapter Seven: Deja Vu on the Ochlockonee River (Florida Panhandle)

Chapter Eight: On the Bartram History Trail (St. John’s River, Florida)

Chapter Nine: Loreto to LaPaz by Kayak (Baja, Mexico)

              Part I:   The Gift

            Part II:   Along the Baja Peninsula

            Part III:  Epilog

Here is a short listing of the chapters in this book.

Georgian Bay, July 2004

This book,and my first book, The Idling Bulldozer, can be purchased  online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, my publisher, Austin Macauluey, and in person at The Vero Beach Book Center, or your local bookstore.

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