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The Seventy Thousand Dollar Outhouse

More Paddling Adventures from the Author of the Idling Bulldozer

About the Author

Donald D. Yackel (a.k.a. Don or Yackman) has spent 24 years paddling his 17-foot Impex kayak on extended wilderness trips, thaveling over 3700 miles and spending the equivalent of a year sleeping in small tents in all kinds of settings.  The stories in this second book, like the first (The Idling Bulldozer and other Paddling Adventures) are drawn from his experiences on some of those travels.  Combining his life-long interest in writing and his natural ability as a storyteller, he is able to take the reader to places they may never see or experience.  Don has been drawn to water, boats, and storytelling since he was a child.  It is very unlikely that that will ever change.

What people are saying about the author's writing:

"I am an armchair adventurer. I loved the descriptions of the various areas in the U.S. and Canada...the terrain, the wildlife...places I will never see...places most people will never see or experience. The challenges of paddling in various places and conditions, the hardships, the challenges and the rewards make for a great and interesting read.”

A second reviewer writes:

"Even if you are not a paddling enthusiast, the stories are fun! Don writes in a conversational's like you're sitting next to him while he tells his stories.”

new (second) book by Donald D. Yackel