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The Seventy Thousand Dollar Outhouse

More Paddling Adventures from the Author of the Idling Bulldozer

Welcome to the Seventy Thousand Dollar Outhouse Home Page

If you've reached this page it's probably by chance or mistake. or maybe you're one of those folks who have heard about this book and wonder what it could be about.  Well, the real seventy - thousand dollar outhouse doesn't look like the one on the right, or the one on my book's cover.  That outhouse is a modern, hi-tech marvel that lives on a Canadian issland in the St. Lawrence River.  It's story is found in one small portion of Chapter 5, about a trip I paddled in the Thousands Islands.  But, yoiu'll have to admit, it makes a great title!

My new book continues the format and organization of the first, the idling Bulldozer and Other Paddling Adventures.  However, unlike that offering, this one starts with a personal reflection on the author's connection to boats and the water.  Subsequent chapters describe paddling trips in Canada, Costa Rica, Florida, and Mexico.  Each chapter stands alone and provides a glimpse into a part of the world most readers will never visit.  Hopefully, my vivid descriptions will take you there.

Each tale is a memoir of what I experienced on the ad- venture; what I saw, what I did, how it felt, whom I traveled with, and the dangers and reqwards experienced.  Whether you are a veteran kayaker, a rank beginner, or have never been in a boat before, you can find something to relate to in this book.  This book, along with The Idling Bulldozer, can be purchased  online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, from my publisher, Austin Macauluey, or in person at The Vero Beach Book Center, or your local bookstore. (The Barnes and Noble site gives you good access to the book's content.)

new (second) book by Donald D. Yackel